Feasibility Studies

Food and Dairy Systems has specialist knowledge in determining the correct (most profitable) product options for your available raw materials. A conceptual design process is then developed to provide an analysis of the projected returns for the chosen option.

What We Look At

Where You're Already At
A full project review is carried out to determine the precise product requirements for your process plant. At this stage Food and Dairy Systems will work with your marketing people to determine the optimum product range to be manufactured in both the long and short term.
Conceptual Design – Everyone Needs a Plan
Next, Food and Dairy Systems provides a conceptual design for the plant, based on the best solution for the operation. This will form the basis of the design that supply companies will tender against.
Raw Material – the Right Ingredients for the Right Outcome
An important part of any new project is determining the quality of the raw material input. Food and Dairy Systems takes an audit of potential suppliers to determine their product’s suitability for processing. We also advice on any changes required to a supplier’s system to ensure they meet the requirements for the new plant.
Financial Analysis – the Bottom Line
Food and Dairy Systems will prepare a financial model of the anticipated process system to determine the true operating cost. This model can determine the profitability of any given option. Once set up this can be used to assess various operating scenarios. It is a powerful tool that will assist you to gauge the viability of any investment path.