Project Planning

Food and Dairy Systems will assist you to define the design and scope of the project prior to you awarding any contracts. This ensures all parties fully understand the scope of the supply and demand. This vital step avoids any production hiccups that could impact on your bottom line or good will. It also avoids any red faces from your suppliers.

What Is Addressed

Preparation of Tender Documents
Food and Dairy Systems prepares tender documents that precisely define the terms and scope of your project. These provide all the necessary information required by companies quoting on the job. This step ensures the final contract represents a fixed price with few, if any, variations.
Tender Review – We are Your Professional Eyes
Food and Dairy Systems provides an impartial review of the tender submissions submitted by supply firms. Food and Dairy Systems analyses and compares all submissions to ensure the most appropriate technologies are selected. The outcome is the best raw products and best value for your money.
Project Planning – Nothing Left to Chance
At Food and Dairy Systems we assist the client with any number of peripheral issues that require detailed planning but that may not be included in the main contract issued to the supply company. These areas may include services plant, effluent disposal and layout and civil design.
Where you're at
Part of Food and Dairy Systems holistic approach is assisting with the selection of a suitable site for your processing plant. We review the infrastructure and estimate the costs associated with the various sites available.